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Please read and follow these rules while playing on G-Craft

Staff have the final jurisdiction over any punishment decision made on the server. If you believe a punishment that you have received is unfair, please make an appeal on the forums. Talking about punishments which you believe to be unfair in chat will only result in your appeal denied.

Server Rules

These are the rules you must agree too and follow while playing on the Minecraft Server.
• Do not create offensive items, builds or books.
• TP killing is not allowed for the first 30 minutes after a teleport - this includes all commands which result in a player's teleportation (EG: /rtp, /home, /t spawn, /tpa, etc.). In cases of uncertainty you are required to return the items. This rule applies to all of those involved with the kill (IE: luring players into a PVP zone etc.). If a player TPs to you and attempts to kill you, let them kill you and alert staff immediately. This way, there is a clear verdict as to how the fight began (your items will be returned to you). Staff say is final.
• Do not impersonate another player.
• Do not participate in any form of scam. For example: inviting players to towns, and kicking them in order to steal their items, scamming on /pshop, and any other forms of scam.
• Do not use any form of hacked client or mod that will give you an in-game advantage. Please speak to staff to find out if a mod is allowed.
• You may use 'Schematica' and printer mode. However, not when it is specified otherwise (for example: during build competitions)
• Scripts and macros that affect gameplay are not allowed. However, chat and command macros are - unless you are informed otherwise by a member of staff.
• Do not grief within 5 plots of any claimed town blocks, or within towns.
• Advertising of other servers, whether with an IP or not will result in a ban.
• Do not exploit glitches or bugs - report them to staff immediately. Abusing exploits and glitches will result in a permanent ban.

Chat Rules
These are the chat rules that must be followed across the network (Minecraft/Discord/Forums alike)
• Respect your fellow players and staff members - it doesn’t take much!
• Do not start riots or arguments in chat.
• Please speak English only within global chat. If you wish to speak another language, please do so in party, local, town or nation chat.
• Keep sensitive topics (i.e. politics and religion) out of chat.
• Do not spam or flood chat - you will be muted.
• Do not post any outside links. The only links allowed are to
• Advertising of other servers, whether with an IP or not will result in a ban.
• Abuse of G-Craft's nickname perk will result in their removal.

Discord Server Rules
These rules must be followed while on the discord server.
Join by going to
Spamming channels includes sending several messages spaced out, using excessive capitals, punctuation or emojis and sending similar messages in several chats.​

Discrimination and bigotry will not be tolerated
Treating some body differently based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, age etc. is not allowed. You must also respect other players opinions and beliefs.​

Respect all members of the server and its discord
Treat all members with respect at all times. Aggressive, disrespectful threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.​

If you need a staff member please use the '@Staff' mention rather than individual ranks
Using the '@Staff' mention will notify all staff members that you need help. If you are using our support channels this is unnecessary, staff will view the support channels if there are messages there. The '@Owner' '@Admin' '@Moderator' and '@Helper' mentions are not needed. Please do not spam all 4 if you need a staff member.​

Staffs decision is final. Do not argue with a staff member
If you believe a staff member has made a wrong decision do not argue with them. Contact an admin or owner.​

Self-promotion will lead to an instant permanent mute
Posting a twitch, youtube, website, discord etc link will result in a mute. We have zero tolerance for self promotion.​

No NSFW Posts
Posts containing pornography, gore, shock etc will be deleted and the poster will be punished. This rule also extends to Profile photos and nicknames.​

No outside links
Only G-craft or official Minecraft links allowed.​

No impersonation or lying
If you are found to have impersonated a member of the discord you will receive a punishment. However if you are found to have impersonated or lied to a staff member your punishment will be twice as severe.​

The Following Rules Apply To Voice Channels
Keep background noise to a minimum.​
Screaming, excessive cursing, and arguing are discouraged.​
If you wish to have a private discussion, please use a private call.​

Website Rules
These are the rules you must agree too while using the forums
• Do not post spam.
• Respect all community members.
• Please use the appropriate forum categories for your posts.
• Please follow all of the 'Chat Rules' where they can be applied to the forums.

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