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  1. Georgeeeee

    Bi-weekly Vibe Check #4

    vibe has been checked by the sheriff
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    The Realm of Agartha

    :ooooooo duddeeee
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    free key giveaway

    yes good!!!!!!!!
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    staff note

    You're awesome rexy! Good, good vibes :P
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    just checking up

    i hope you're great too rexyboi!!!!!
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    how do you like my skin?

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    Bi-weekly vibe check pt. 3

  8. Georgeeeee

    Fix your discord links

    Hi M1sty, Just to let you know, our discord links are all working and up to date. In fact, our discord is better than ever, with lots of active members. Because God forbid we ran discord with more voice channels than members. The reason you can't access our discord, and now server, is because...
  9. Georgeeeee


    Hey Everyone! First up, just a reminder that there is LESS THAN 1 WEEK LEFT on our 50% OFF Summer Sale. BUILDING COMPETITION: BOATS AND SHIPS Yeah that's right! We're talking pirates ships, ferries, yachts, super yachts, speedboats, Catamarans, RIBs and more...
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    An announcement about spawners: We have recently updated our spawner system, and with this has come an issue where placing non-updated spawners results in them becoming pig. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE OLD SPAWNERS. PLEASE HAND THEM INTO A MEMBER OF THE ADMIN TEAM, WHO WILL SWAP THEM FOR YOU. IF...
  11. Georgeeeee

    Baby pictures!

  12. Georgeeeee

    Introductions Thread!

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd start a little introductions thread for us all to well... introduce ourselves I suppose. I'll start: I'm George, I live in the countryside. I don't know what to say here really to be honest. I have just finished studying Politics, Maths and English Literature and...
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    Hey everyone, Summer is here! It's even sunny in the UK (rare), so we thought we'd try and brighten everyone's Monday with a few things! ☀ OFFICIAL SUMMER CRATE LAUNCH ☀ We will be launching the Summer Crate today officially! This means celebration: 🎟 RAFFLE: We will br giving away 5 5x...
  14. Georgeeeee

    Event Idea?

    Hey PB, I really like this idea!!! we can let players disguise as blocks/mobs maybe, that would be cool.
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  16. Georgeeeee

    G-Craft Nostalgia

    Hey everyone, I thought I would start a thread here for us to post any screenshots/memories from the old G-Craft! I'll start with this classic, courtesy of Bennett... Top this x
  17. Georgeeeee

    Changelog #1

    Hey, Welcome to the first server change-log post. This will be updated weekly with any new additions/changes to the server detailed. Without further ado: 🔸 New Chat Reaction Theme: World Animals 🔸 Added the explosive pick Tier I and II (both are insta-break, Tier I = 3x3x1, Tier II = 3x3x3) -...
  18. Georgeeeee


    Hey Everyone, This week has gone super quickly and we're back with a whole load of weekend events and updates for the server! ⚒ NEW QUESTS ⚒ As you may have noticed around spawn, we have a whole load of new residents who are all part of G-Craft's new Blacksmith Questing Line. We'd like to...
  19. Georgeeeee

    hey hey

    Hiya, I'm doing good and I'm so glad that you feel welcome on the server too! <3
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    Building Competition Submission Template

    Please copy, paste and fill out the template below onto your building competition entry thread! IGN: Discord: Build Competition Theme: Coordinates or /home Name: Photos of the Build: