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G-Craft Easter Update!

Hey everyone,
Easter is here! So we wanted to bring a big event and some competitions to the server!

First up, we'd just like to give you some general updates on what's happening this weekend with G-Craft:

  • The server has relocated to East Coast US! We now have amazing specs on a new dedicated machine, so all lag issues should be resolved. To apologise for the longer than expected downtime, we will be running a MEGA DROP PARTY on Friday night at around 10PM BST!​
  • There will be a number of events running throughout the weekend, such as extra rounds of Spleef and Block-Party and our egg hunt (see below).​
  • We have overhauled the shop by adding a whole bunch of new blocks to the 'blocks' section such as Purpur, Mycelium and more! All on /shop.​
  • Due to the huge demand, G-Craft will also be having a 50% OFF SALE for the duration of the Easter Weekend, ending in the early hours of Monday!​
  • We would also like to remind everyone that our 'Landmarks' building competition deadline is approaching soon so please make sure you are preparing builds to go in! Remember: you can win a $40 Store Voucher!

Easter Egg Hunt
We have hidden 200 easter eggs around the server's warps. Each time you right click one, you get an 'easter token' which gives you a chance of getting one of our easter items or one of 9 collectible easter eggs.


The top 3 egg hunters will receive the following:
First Prize: $15 Store Voucher
Second Prize: $10 Store Voucher
Third Prize: 1 Mythical Key and 1 Rare Key

Everyone who collects all 9 different easter eggs will win 1 Rare Key!

Thank you everybody! We hope you have a great Easter given the circumstances, and hope to see you online!
- Pixlelily and the G-Craft Staff Team :)
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