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Hi Everyone,

Things are pretty hectic behind the scenes right now with the last minute rush on our final features, we are working as thoroughly as we can to bring you what I think is probably the most highly polished G-Craft we have ever made.

First up, thank you to all the staff and beta testers who have got involved with G-Craft in the last week. I have to say that everybody has been amazing, and we have moved mountains - and what's more: for once, everything went relatively to plan with us too!

Anyway, as many of you know, it's launch day tomorrow and I'm here to confirm some FAQs with you all to shed some more light on G-Craft, so here we go:

When is the server launch?
• The server will go live today, Friday 3rd April at 9PM BST (4PM EST // 1PM PDT)

What are the server's key features?
•We have managed to incorporate all of G-Craft's classic features... and more into this version: crates, PvP, Towny, a Questing System, brand new MCMMO, economy, player shops, fishing competitions, jobs, marriage, custom scoreboards and the list goes on...

Drum roll... Slimefun?
• Due to a number of exploits we have researched within Slimefun, we have decided not to include it in the server immediately. In the coming weeks, we will be doing a server-wide poll in which we assess the demand for the plugin, and if it is wanted, we will take the necessary steps towards patching all exploits and delivering it to you guys.

What events will be running at launch?
• We will be drawing the winner of our discord invite competition on launch night! So one lucky winner will receive a $30 voucher for the server store.
• We will also be debuting our questing system by giving every single player the opportunity to win a $10 voucher to spend on the G-Craft server store (there's no catch!).
• On launch night there will also be drop parties, Spleef and a huge group of us partying in discord so don't miss it!

Hope to see you all there,
- Georgeeeee :)